Monday, November 21, 2016

Yarden and Tomer's Wedding - 24.12.2016

I had an amazing opportunity to DJ at Yarden Vizel and Tomer Czapnik's wedding this past    December which took place at the beautiful Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv's Port.  

 From the first meeting with Yarden and Tomer, I knew the wedding will be amazing. They were super excited about the music at the wedding, wanting all their guests to enjoy the party aspect of the wedding as much as possible.

The thing I love most at weddings is the opportunity I have each time to make the event and unforgettable memory for both the couple and their family and friends. Music has such a strong impact on an experience, and if chosen right it can create an everlasting memory.

During the wedding, Yarden the bride was especially excited and involved in the party, wanting all the guests to enjoy the music and have fun on the dance floor. I love when the couple joins me in the excitement for the musical aspect of the wedding.

The music at the wedding included mostly top 40 hits, hip hop, 90's hits, a little bit of Israeli ethnic remusic and lots and lots of love. I was truly honored and overjoyed to be a part of Yarden and Tomer's wedding.